HMSPANEL v3.5.4 Release MARCH 7, 2010

HMSPANEL v3.5.4 has been released.

This release focuses on the addition of Tool Tips on the administration area and the creation of our new product “HMSPANEL CS”. This will leave two products: “HMSPANEL” & “HMSPANEL CS”. “HMSPANEL” (without the billing system) is expected to be released late April, 2010.


Our newest product “HMSPANEL” will come without a billing system and will be a control panel and server manager panel only. The billing system will be included in our “HMSPANEL CS” product only. This will give more flexibilty to those who already have a third party billing solution in place.


1) Tool Tips have been added to the administration area of HMSPANEL. Below you will find the pages were these have been added:


2) a) /usr/local/apache/sites/client{num} will no longer be used. Instead, /usr/local/apache/sites/plan{num} will be used accordingly.
All of the default paths, etc., will reflect the “plan{num}” as well. This includes the FTP user that is created. There will not be anymore references to “client_{num}”, instead it is now “plan_{num}” so everything matches accordingly.
c) All of the master installers are completed with these changes.
d) All of the secondary installers are completed with these changes.


We have built a new repository for HMSPANEL CS. The installers for HMSPANEL CS have now been updated to use this new repository location. The secondary server packages for v3.5.4 are now online and ready-to-go as well.


1) The default installation of Webalizer & AWStats for the licensed domain had a bug were statistics were not working properly. This was caused because configuration files didn not have the licensed domain variable set and there was a problem. There were also problems with accessing statistics as well. We have resolved all the issues.

2) Updated the Squirrelmail package as the old one had some problems with certain files.